September Member Call – FRP-BC Member Engagement and Giveaway

The new date is Tuesday, September 27th from 1:00 PM-2:15 PM.

FRP-BC Member Engagement and Giveaway

New opportunities and projects; we want to keep you updated on your member benefits.

As Fall approaches, FRP-BC heads into this season of change with many exciting new projects and opportunities.

  • We are working with Northern Lights College to create a province-wide orientation for FRP staff. This will be cohort-based and available to all members. We want to thank the members who identified this need and those assisting with reviewing.
  • Standards of Practice update! We have heard from our members (thank you!) and as a result, we are making changes to our website, creating how-to videos, and compiling go-to resources. We are also looking at creating small FRP groups with one agency that has completed their Standards. Funding would be available. We have always hoped that the Standards would be a tool for self-reflection, training, sector enhancement, staff development and a way to benchmark ongoing improvement… a working document.  
  • FRP-BC is thrilled to possibly be working with a Practicum student from First Nations and Indigenous Studies department at UBC to look at how we can support members to do better in their/our inclusive work; to operate within a trauma-informed and culturally sensitive approach, and to make statements of reconciliation a working document with practical strategies specifically for FRPs.
  • We are offering 3 $1800 grants with an extended application date. The idea is to encourage agencies to use the money to show us their program and keep it as a resource. We will use one in our orientation with Northern Lights College.
  • We are collaborating on a funding proposal to potentially distribute funds and assist members with food projects focused on food justice, access, dignity, sustainability and collaboration. Stay tuned!
  • Member Call – With so much going on, we are overdue for a  Member Call that includes your suggestions, questions about our member engagement, and also to discuss what is happening in your agency or sector.  

During this Member Call, we will be spinning a wheel and giving away a ticket to BC Council for Families: Indigenous Cultural Safety for Family Support Agencies training, which is worth $200! You must be present for the entire call.

Date: Tuesday, September 27th, 2022
Time: 1:00 PM-2:15 PM PT

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