More Big News: Dr. Dustin Louie to Join Our Annual November Training!

Picture of Dr. Dustin Louie.

Decolonizing Leadership and Practice:

This in-person session is designed for members who have some understanding of and seek to deepen their grasp of Reconciliation. Frustration often arises when entire systems struggle to shed their colonial foundations. To enact real change within this sector, it’s crucial that we recognize how acts of colonization persist at smaller scales, within our individual practices, programs, and agencies. In this session, participants will be supported to advance their understanding of and learn tangible steps toward decolonizing their leadership and practices.

Learning themes:

· Deeper Understanding of Colonization – how we all reproduce or maintain colonial mindsets

· Challenging Our Own Practices: Explore the pathways to challenge and transform our own leadership and practices, moving beyond bureaucratic to concrete actions.

· Creating a Safe Environment: Foster a culture of safety and reflection, enabling participants to identify and address unconscious reproduction of colonial mindsets within themselves and their organizations.

Training Format: This training will be conducted in person, providing a hands-on and immersive learning experience.

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