Listening Campaign Executive Summary

We recently wrapped up the process of conducting a comprehensive Listening Campaign to better understand the food access needs and opportunities within FRPs and the communities they serve across the province. We are so grateful to all who engaged in this process with us and  are very excited to now be sharing  some of the key takeaways, resources, and opportunities for support that have emerged throughout the campaign via the following executive summary as well as our final report and resource list linked here. We also want to express that we truly view the Listening Campaign as an exciting initial step in our organization’s journey into food justice work and we sincerely look forward to continuing on this path in the future through a variety of potential avenues including exploring further relationship building, education, and funding opportunities.  So, please stay tuned for further information and engagement opportunities for all members!

If you have any feedback and/or questions about the content shared here or just generally about anything food access/food justice related, please feel free to reach out to our Provincial Food Justice Coordinator, Delanie Austin, at or 250-588-5059.  They are thrilled to be learning from and alongside all of you and are always keen to find ways to connect and support around this work.

Read the Listening Campaign Executive Summary.

Read the Listening Campaign Report and Recommendations.

Read the Listening Campaign Resources.

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