Leslie & Burke Legacy Award

Dedicated to Ellen Leslie & Mary Lynn Burke, the pioneering founders of West Side Family Place over 50 years ago, the Leslie & Burke Legacy Award celebrates individuals who show exceptional dedication and support to families in their community.

Created by Family Resource Programs of BC, in partnership with West Side Family Place, this award honours those who embody the guiding principles of community connection, advocacy, inclusivity, cultural sensitivity, wellness promotion, and commitment to make an impact.

Who to Nominate

Nominate a member of staff, volunteer or board member who you value from your Family Resource Program in BC.

*For the purpose of this award, a Family Resource Program is described as a community hub that enhances and supports the development of healthy families with children aged 0 to 6 years old. At the heart of these programs lies the family drop-in, a nurturing environment where parents and caregivers come together to share their experiences while their children learn through play. A variety of programs and services form part of the family drop-in, aimed at promoting child development, early learning, literacy, and positive social interactions for families. From captivating Theme Day activities to interactive music classes tailored for babies and toddlers, to toy lending libraries, parental education initiatives and community resource hubs. Family Resource Programs are offered by centres such as a Family Place, Family Centre, Military Family Resource Centre, Early Years Centre, Parent/Family Literacy Centre, and Neighbourhood House Family Support Programs.

Here are some examples:

This award is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the individuals who make a meaningful difference in the lives of families and communities through their dedication, innovation, and compassionate support. Your nomination can help shine a light on their outstanding contributions and inspire others to follow their example.


To nominate an individual for the inaugural Leslie & Burke Legacy Award, please fill out the nomination form.

Deadline for Nominations: Friday, June 21st, 2024.

Award Announcement: The award recipient will be announced at the FRP BC Annual General Meeting on Thursday, September 26th, 2024.

If you have a question about the nomination process, please contact us at 778.322.8371

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The Guiding Principles of the Award

Community Connection and Resource Accessibility

Honouring individuals who excel in connecting families within the community and facilitating access to resources.

Advocacy for Families

Celebrating individuals who advocate for the needs of families with young children.

Non-Judgemental and Inclusive Support

Recognizing individuals who provide support to families without judgement, fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Cultural Sensitivity

Recognizing individuals who embrace the diverse cultural backgrounds of the families they serve.

Promotion of Wellness

Honouring individuals who promote wellness for families in their community.

Recognizing Community Needs and Commitment to Impact

Acknowledging individuals who recognize the needs of families in their community and are dedicated to making a meaningful impact.

Promotion of Play for Learning

Celebrating individuals who highlight the importance of play for children’s learning and development.

Offering Parent Education for Everyone

Recognizing individuals who implement parent education and make it accessible to all caregivers.

Empathetic and Caring Engagement

Honouring individuals who greet parents and caregivers with empathy and care, helping to alleviate feelings of isolation and build a sense of community through family programming.