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  • TCFP

    May 1, 2020 at 10:13 am

    How has our virtual program evolved? Immeasurably!! We have active Facebook and Instagram pages now as well as a Facebook group for our members. We have a YouTube Channel. We’re doing Zoom programming. I feel like we’re all over the map and we are a tiny stand alone FRP with a grand total of 3 part time staff.

    The YouTube Channel is working. We have a bunch of videos up there. They are all single songs or stories or rhymes so they can act as an archive.

    We’re also making videos dedicated to individual kids who request them. So far, they are all for birthdays but I think we can expand that easily. The format is that they send in their name and age and three things they like and then we make a video trying to incorporate all those things.

    The channel is here: Tri-City Family Place YouTube