Exciting Announcement: New Member Support Opportunity Awaits!

A picture of a fall soup and fall themed food.

We are excited to announce that Delanie Austin, FRP-BC’s new food justice lead, is now available to connect with and support members engaged in and/or interested in starting food access/justice initiatives. No current programming required!

This support may take many different shapes, but some possibilities include…
– Engaging in discussions around initiating and developing food access/justice programming – Researching possible funding streams and potential local partners
– Facilitating introductions and/or extended conversations between members and/or external partners
– Troubleshooting challenges and opportunities within existing food programming
– Discussing avenues for centring/advancing a justice lens in new and/or existing programming
– Helping with the initiation, curation, and/or review of grant applications

While you may have encountered Delanie through our Listening Campaign, community visits, or previous newsletters, we invite you to read their recent bio in this newsletter and on our website highlighting their expertise and relevance in supporting members with food access/justice work.

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