Early Years Myth-Busting with Jan Ference

April 15th from 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM.

Parenting and Early Years Myth-Busting

  • How can we dispel the myriad of myths and societal pressures put on parents to be perfect?
  • How does the explosion of social media make parenting more difficult?

The information found in many google searches is not sensitive to those who might be struggling. Assumptions are being made that everyone has the same resources and tools to parent in the glossy way it is portrayed.

We will weed through some of the common myths about parenting and focus on the idea of relational health and brain plasticity, and how to see parenting on a spectrum.

This will be very helpful for anyone in the early years sector who works with families and who can utilize the accessibility and hope that Jan Ference always brings to her training. You won’t want to miss this incredible member benefit.

Jan Ference,
BEd, M.S in Counselling, IPMHF (Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellow).

Jan has spent her entire career working with at-risk children and their families. She completed her Bachelor of Education at the University of Victoria and got her first teaching job in an inner-city school. She quickly realized that she wanted to know more about the social emotional well-being of the complex children she was teaching. She completed a Master’s in Counselling program at the University of Portland. About fourteen years ago while managing a behavior resource department for a School District, her colleague suggested she attend a three-day workshop on trauma, and that was Jan’s first exposure to Dr. Bruce Perry’s model. From that day on, she was inspired to change her practice and the systems that serve the most complex children. Jan currently mentors’ clinicians from around the world, who are training with Dr. Perry. She has trained thousands of colleagues in this model with the goal of changing the lens through which we see the most vulnerable families.

In 2016, Jan graduated from the Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship
through the University of California. This fellowship was life changing, as the
knowledge and understanding of early caregiving experiences is the key to
understanding all life experiences that follow. In addition, she has recently
completed the Reflective Supervision Academy 2021/ 2022, through UC
Davis. In 2016, Jan created and led a specialized, early intervention, trauma
team. This team has had inspiring outcomes working intensely with women
in the perinatal period who have Opioid Use challenges. They have been
able to facilitate community system change based on the rich learnings
gained from the perinatal work.

Jan is currently leading the transformation of the education system in the
Yukon. Most significantly, she is supporting the newly formed First Nations
School Board to bring education back to their communities. This is an
example of reconciliation in action, which is aligned with Jan’s intentions,
values, and heart.

Lastly, Jan is an active and passionate National Trainer for the Brazelton
Touchpoints Center. She has been leading Team Canada and facilitates
multiple trainings each year which encourages and supports system

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