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  1. Standard 1: Family Centred Approaches
    4 Sections
  2. Standard 2: Family Support, Education and Referrals
    7 Sections
  3. Standard 3: Encourage Family Connection through Child-Led Play
    5 Sections
  4. Standard 4: Cultural Competency and Cultural Safety
    6 Sections
  5. Standard 5: Professional and Ethical Conduct
    6 Sections
  6. Standard 6: Early Learning and Play-Based Programming
    4 Sections
  7. Standard 7: Evaluation & Quality Improvement
    5 Sections
  8. Standard 8: Design, Function, Safety and Hygiene of Physical Environment
    8 Sections
  9. Standard 9: Partnerships and Collaboration
    6 Sections
  10. Standard 10: Governance
    5 Sections
  11. Standard 11: Planning, Administration and Information Management
    6 Sections
  12. Standard 12: Finance and Risk Management
    6 Sections
  13. Standard 13: Human Resources
    6 Sections
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2.4 Community Navigation, Informal Networks, and Supported Referrals

John McLeod May 11, 2020
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FRP provides information on community supports for families and encourages and supports families to develop informal networks.

Benchmark Quality Indicators

  • FRP has information on where families can access additional services and supports that meet child and families’ basic needs, including those that support the development of life skills, child health and development, parenting, etc.
  • Staff network with other community support programs as time allows.
  • Families are encouraged to share information about other resources that they have found.
  • FRP staff strive to help families/participants identify, develop and expand their informal networks.
  • Staff encourages introductions and an orientation for newcomers.
  • Social connections are promoted amongst  participants and take place in other locations in the community.
  • FRP staff take the lead in directly assisting families in connecting with other services.

Innovation and Promising Practices

  • FRP staff are competent in making supported referrals to other services with the family’s permission.
  • Agency’s service delivery includes a range of community services and supports (e.g., food and nutrition, financial assistance, health and mental health services, etc.).
  • FRP has a formal process to document referrals sent.
  • FRP conducts workshops with other service providers.
  • FRP provides families with an orientation on other FRPs and services within the community.
  • FRP has a process  to connect families to additional informal networks by some/all of the following:
    • Volunteer parent mentors, to help families feel welcomed and connected into the FRP environment
    • Community maps, and/or orientation
    • Opportunities for participants to meet outside of the FRP