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Standards of Practice

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  1. Standard 1: Family Centred Approaches
    4 Sections
  2. Standard 2: Family Support, Education and Referrals
    7 Sections
  3. Standard 3: Encourage Family Connection through Child-Led Play
    5 Sections
  4. Standard 4: Cultural Competency and Cultural Safety
    6 Sections
  5. Standard 5: Professional and Ethical Conduct
    6 Sections
  6. Standard 6: Early Learning and Play-Based Programming
    4 Sections
  7. Standard 7: Evaluation & Quality Improvement
    5 Sections
  8. Standard 8: Design, Function, Safety and Hygiene of Physical Environment
    8 Sections
  9. Standard 9: Partnerships and Collaboration
    6 Sections
  10. Standard 10: Governance
    5 Sections
  11. Standard 11: Planning, Administration and Information Management
    6 Sections
  12. Standard 12: Finance and Risk Management
    6 Sections
  13. Standard 13: Human Resources
    6 Sections
Lesson 13, Section 1
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13.1 Human Resource Policies

John McLeod May 11, 2020
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FRP adheres to human resource policies that promote non-discrimination.

Benchmark Quality Indicators

  • FRP or host agency has a policy that:
    • prohibits unlawful discrimination against any persons or categories of persons
    • prohibits preferential treatment and nepotism related to hiring, supervision, and promotion of paid staff
    • requires background checks including criminal records checks for all staff and all volunteers who work with families
  • FRP or host agency has human resources policies and procedures that include job descriptions for all staff.

Innovation and Promising Practices

  • FRP or host agency develops clear policies to support use of outside hiring agencies, job posting formats and application criteria.
  • Job descriptions document the tasks and activities required of the position in order to fulfill the FRP’s strategic and short-term objectives.
  • Policies clearly identify and respect an inclusive workspace for all.
  • FRP or host agency has role descriptions for board members and other volunteer roles.