Canadian Learning Foundation Releases Free Pandemic Parenting Resource to Help Kids Thrive During Winter Months

calmversationTM learning foundation launches Family Care Kit full of activities, games and thoughtful discussion prompts.

The downloadable workbook is available at no cost at

Vancouver, BC, November 10, 2020 – from calmversation: With social distancing measures still in effect and winter approaching, Canadian parents and caregivers are preparing for months of colder temperatures, more time indoors and less social activity for their children. To help support families through the challenging months ahead, the calmversationTM learning foundation has released a Family Care Kit full of activities, games and discussion prompts to help parents and caregivers truly connect with their kids and keep them engaged and thriving. Funded by the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada, the Family Care Kit is available at no cost and can be downloaded in one easy step at

Through community surveys and focus groups, major challenges currently facing parents and caregivers were identified, along with what resources are needed to support them. Parents are feeling pressure to keep kids entertained and occupied since normal routines have been so disrupted due to the pandemic. Some of the main themes that have emerged include concerns over a lack of social interaction, too much screen time and the need for better communication.

“We have heard countless stories of the struggles that families are facing due to COVID and the significant changes it’s caused in our day-to-day lives,” says Jena Sharma, Founder, calmversationTM learning foundation. “Parents are tasked with keeping kids busy and stimulated, and that is only going to get tougher as we head into the winter months and spend more time inside. calmversationTM’s free Family Care Kit offers parents an accessible, easy-to-use tool kit full of fun activities that will get kids laughing, learning, and allow them to decompress.”

Community feedback has shown that families need support navigating five important areas in trying to create a safe space for kids to ask questions, share thoughts, make discoveries, and have discussions. Based on this feedback the Family Care Kit is centered around five core themes including: Ideas and Inspiration, Communication, Emotions, Learning, and Problem Solving.

Leveraging Social and Emotional Learning concepts, activities in the downloadable workbook are meant to bring the family unit closer together, help kids manage and understand emotions, and empower them to share ideas, thoughts and feelings. Some of the activities include picture journaling, planning and preparing meals, making the everyday neighbourhood walk an adventure, crossword puzzles and wordsearches, family trivia nights, riddles and problem solvers, as well as questions to ask at the dinner table, during the bedtime routine, or when out for a walk to help parents and caregivers connect with their kids.

Through the generous financial support of the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund led by Employment and Social Development Canada, the program will be available to parents and caregivers at no cost.

In addition to the care kit, the calmversationTM learning foundation will be hosting a series of live Q&A sessions on Facebook and YouTube with calmversationTM’s Founder and learning expert, Jena Sharma. Parents will have the opportunity to tune in and ask questions about how to help kids thrive during the pandemic.

The calmversationTM learning foundation is a Vancouver-based not-for-profit organization driven by a group of thoughtful, creative and dedicated educators, counsellors, researchers and parents committed to the positive transformation of the educational landscape. Their innovative K-12 Social and Emotional Learning program provides teachers and educators with an online curriculum, unique tools and resources that can be implemented in the classroom or virtually.

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