Who We Are

We are Family Resource Programs of BC (FRP-BC), a non-profit membership organization dedicated to promoting and supporting community-based Family Resource Programs (FRPs).

Since 1989, FRP-BC has promoted and supported BC’s FRPs by providing leadership and mentoring; networking among programs; provincial program standards; resources and information; and professional development opportunities to program staff as well as the agencies that operate these Early Years family support parent/child programs.

What is a Family Resource Program?

Family Resource Programs (FRPs) are parent/child interactive centres for families with children 0–6 years. The programs reflect the diversity of the community, and services are designed to strengthen parenting skills, provide stimulating environments for children, and promote family and community engagement. FRPs engage with families through five core areas of service:

  1. Family Support
  2. Play-based Learning
  3. Early Learning and Literacy
  4. Parent Education
  5. Information and Referrals

The FRP trauma-informed model is based on a comprehensive network of prevention, early intervention, and family supports, connecting thousands of BC families, particularly vulnerable families, every year to relevant programs and services.

Services are geared to meet the individual needs of the family and all families are welcome.

Where can you find a Family Resource Program?

You can find Family Resource Programs (FRPs) based out of your local community centre, rec centre, or neighbourhood house. FRPs go by a variety of names, including Family Place, Family Centre, Military Family Resource Centre, Early Years Centre, Parent/Family Literacy Centre, and Aboriginal Friendship Centre.

See our Directory to find one located near you.

FRP-BC’s Commitment to Reconciliation

On June 1st, 2008, the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was established by the Government of Canada. In addition to a report presenting the findings of the commission, the TRC made 94 calls to action to work towards reconciliation. This statement represents FRP-BC’s acknowledgement of the findings of the report, and specifies the actions we will commit to in working towards reconciliation.

View our Commitment to Reconciliation to learn more.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all BC families to have the supports they need in their communities to raise healthy children.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support Family Resource Programs to build their capacity to better serve BC families.

Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are community-based, connections, quality services, equity, and integrity.

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