FRP Certificate

The Justice Institute of British Columbia's Centre for Counselling & Community Safety, in partnership with the BC Association of Family Resource Programs, offers the Family Resource Program Certificate.

The FRP Certificate was piloted in the summer of 2009.  Since then we have delivered these courses at the Justice Institute (New Westminster Campus) each year and more than 100 practitioners have received their FRP Certificate. Now, it is time for a full review of the curriculum, links and resources to ensure it captures the most recent research.  We will also be exploring an on-line delivery of some of the courses.

If you would like one or more of the FRP Certificate courses to be delivered at your conference or training event please contact our office at info@frpbc or call us at (604) 738-0068.

The development of some of our FRP Workshops was drawn from the FRP Certificate curriculum.  Workshops

FRP Certificate Course Overview Flyer 2012 (PDF)

Certificate Overview

This 12-day, (8 course / 6 credit) Family Resource Program Certificate is experiential and cognitive, competency-based training for workers who support and assist parents of young children in dealing with a wide range of challenges including child development, economic stress, adaptation to a new country and culture, separation and divorce, family violence, or mental health issues.

1. Roots and Principles of Family Resource Programs in Canada

2. Family Resource Program - Approach to Practice

3. Child Development

4. The Skilled Practitioner: Communicating Effectively

5. Understanding Family Diversity

6. Working with Vulnerable Families

7. Supporting Families of Children with Special Needs

8. Program Planning and Evaluation