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Parent/Child Mother Goose

The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® is a group experience for parents and their babies and young children which focuses on the pleasure and power of using rhymes, songs and stories together.  Parents gain skills and confidence which can enable them to create positive family patters during their children's crucial early years, and give their children healthy early experiences with language and communication. There is no cost to parents who participate.  For a list of organizations throughout BC that deliver the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® to families, here is a hyperlink showing a list of organizations offering the Program.

Here is a list of organizations that deliver Parent/Child Mother Goose
(based on FRP-BC's membership)

Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program

A Parenting Program for parents of children birth to age 5.  Meet with other parents of young children; share questions, concerns and ideas about being a parent; learn about child development, safety, health and behaviour; discuss real-life parenting situations; work together with the support of a trained facilitator; discover positive ways of parenting.  To find an organization that delivers the Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program, click on the following link.

Here is a list of organization that deliver Nobody's Perfect 
(based on FRP-BC's membership)



BC Child Care Resource & Referral Program

Child Care Resource & Referral Program (CCRR) offers quality child care referrals, resources and support to all child care providers and families in over 400 communities across the Province of British Columbia. 


Infant Development Program

The Infant Development Program serves families with children, age birth to three years, who are at risk for developmental problems.Locate the Infant Development Program in your community.

Families First

BC Government has launched a Families First website. click here 

Find services, learn more about the Families First Agenda, and share your ideas. Click here to see the full agenda

Pacific Post Partum Support Society

The society offers telephone support and weekly support groups throughout the lower mainland.  Pacific Post Partum Support Society




Ministry of Health

Health Authorities
Locate the health office in your region/community

Health information at your fingertips - just a click or phone call away (call 8-1-1)


StrongStart BC Early Learning Centres

StrongStart BC programs are located in school facilities and fulfil government’s election platform and throne speech commitment to use underutilized school spaces to deliver early learning services.  StrongStart Early Learning Centres.

Ministry of Education
Provides additional information on Early Childhood Development and links to the various programs and initiatives including StrongStart Early Learning Program and all day kindergarten.


Additional Parenting and Child Development Information Links:


Positive Parenting (Videos)

Parents Matter –
The website has valuable free downloadable information in multilingual languages to support early childhood educators and families.

Welcome To Parenting
Everything you need to know about your pregnancy, labor and delivery - all in one place.  Researched, tested and proven with expectant parents just like you.  Plus all the things you will want to know once your new baby comes home with you!

PBS Parents

This website has a variety of topics including reading and language development in children ages 0 through 9 years. It describes listening, talking, reading, and writing expectations for each age-range. Everyday activities are given to help parents encourage their child’s language and literacy skills.

Your Child's Development Milestones
Check out this easy reference on the ages and stages milestones of your child's development.

Quit Smoking Community
Everything you want and need to know about quitting smoking.



Parenting Matters

Information and Tips For Parents From Centres of Excellence for Early Childhood Development

Responding to Children's Needs

Discipline-How much is enough?

School Transition - Starting school on the right foot

Aggressive Behaviours-1  Better management through understanding

Aggressive Behaviours-2 When should we be worried?

Aggressive Behaviours-3 More support, for better prevention

Parents' Practices - Aboriginal Parents - When responsiveness and beliefs enter the picture

Parents' Practices - When responsiveness and beliefs enter the picture

Sleeping Behaviour - Good sleep, for good growth

Alcohol use during pregnancy - A dangerous “cocktail”

Alcohol use during pregnancy - Aboriginal Parents - A dangerous “cocktail”

Parent-Child Attachment - A bond of trust

Parent-child Attachment - Aboriginal parents - A bond of trust

Literacy - First steps toward reading and writing

Your Childs Brain (Structure) - Building a strong structure

Your Childs Brain (Stimulation) - Showing you care is smart!

Breastfeeding - More than loving contact

Breastfeeding - Aboriginal Parents - More than loving contact

High-quality child care services - A stimulating and caring environment for children

Crying - Listen: they're talking to you!

Divorce and Separation - Paying attention to your child's needs

Eating Behaviours - A recipe for healthy eating habits

Emotions - Helping your child identify and express feelings

Language - Your baby’s first steps toward learning to speak

Preventing Reading Difficulties - It spells success!

Preventing Math Learning Difficulties - It adds up to success

Numberacy - It adds up to more than counting

Nutrition - Developing healthy eating habits during pregnancy

Social Cognition - Helping your child understand people’s thoughts and feelings

Peer Relations - Sowing seeds of friendship

Peer Relations - Supporting children to develop friendships

Child's Play - Learning that comes naturally

Physical Activity and Young Children - A fun and healthy habit

Physical Activity and Young Children - Aboriginal Parents - A fun and healthy habit

Temperament - Understanding your child's temperament

Temperament - A  life-long influence

Tobacco Use During Pregnancy - Getting off to a good start with good information

Vaccines - Your child's best shot against disease