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What is a Family Resource Program? Whether they are referred to as Family Place, Neighbourhood House or Parent/Child Playgroup, a Family Resource Program is a broad term which is inclusive for all community drop-in's for parents with children 0-6.

Key factors are: parent/caregiver and child(ren) attend together, everyone in the community is welcome and is not mandated.


What Are Family Resource Programs? And Why are They Important?


BC Association of Family Resource Programs - For Early Years Professionals

Monitoring Family Resource Programs in BC: Research Report 2016

Policy Paper - Within our Grasp: How Family Resource Programs Can Support Families to Reduce Social and Emotional Vulnerability in Young Children.

Stories of Resilience: How Family Resource Programs Make a Difference for Families Facing Mental Health or Settlement Challenges.


FRP-BC: Promising Practices that Make a Difference

Download the Book: Working to Make A Difference - Guidelines for Adopting Provincial Standards in Family Resource Programs

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