We Were at TEDx Chilliwack! Reconciliation A Grass Roots Approach

April 21, 2017

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FRP-BC’s Executive Director, Sherry Sinclair, shares this talk at TEDx Chilliwack on April 8, 2017 called, Reconciliation: A Grass Roots Approach to Justin Trudeau’s Invitation. 

“Happy Birthday Canada! 150 years since confederation.” Sherry describes the importance and timeliness of reconciliation, and mentions Canada’s history in the context of Residential Schools, the Highway of Tears and the recent acknowledgement through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

Sherry’s talk explores our collective role in pursuing reconciliation in Canada, and concludes with an invitation for us to consider how we can participate in reconciliation as individuals: "Reconciliation is here now and stands with outstretched hands to you and to me. Find someone today and have a conversation about reconciliation." 

Sherry also discusses FRP-BC’s role in supporting families, and the approach FRPs take, hinting at FRP-BC's plan to address this area, with our own upcoming FRP-BC statement of reconciliation. Stay tuned for more information soon. 


Sherry Sinclair has a Masters of Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Health Education and Active Living from SFU, a Provincial Instructor Diploma from VCC, a Community Economic Development Certificate from SFU and FRP Certificate from JIBC. As FRP-BCs Executive Director, Sherry brings nearly 20 years of experience in family support and early child development fields. Sherry serves on FRP-Canada's Board of Directors, helping to shape the future of family and early child development in Canada. 

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