The BC Assocaition of Family Resource Programs is more than just an association--it's a community. We're a collective of family support services around the province that share the belief that consistent positive parenting practices and secure, healthy parent/child relationships are the key to healthy children, healthy families, and healthy communities. As a member of our community, you receive the following benefits:

Building Capacity of your FRP:

  • Access to accreditation through the FRP Provincial Standards of Practice
  • FRP Post-secondary Certificate course opportunities and subsidies, when available
  • Access to provincial funding opportunities, when available
  • Priority and discounts on FRP-BC professional development workshops
  • On-site consultation services including advice, support, and information
  • Grant writing assistance and guidance

Relevant Information for your Work:

  • FRP-BC’s e-News covering the family resource sector and government policy and legislation updates
  • Information on regional, provincial and national professional development events
  • Research on the FRP sector, policy, and disciplines related to healthy children and families

Promotion of your FRP:

  • Inclusion in FRP-BC’s on-line Directory of FRPs
  • Promotion of your events and programs on social media

Opportunities to Build Relationships with Stakeholders:

  • Joint Membership opportunity with the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada)
  • Recognition awards
  • Opportunities to participate in conferences and events

Advocacy for the FRP Movement:

  • Membership in a provincial organization that is linked nationally and dedicated to making a positive impact and advocating for Family Resource Programs locally, regionally and provincially

To join FRP-BC, go to the membership page and find a membership form. You can submit it online to